>Around Bangalore – Part 4 – Ambegalu Krishna Temple


This time I am going to write about ‘Ambegalu Sri Krishna’ temple. It is situated in Mallur or Doddamallur. There is a very interesting story behind the name of this place itself. I will brief about that, before talking about this temple.

Legend has it that, once there was a king called Saarangadaara, who had his limbs cut in a war by his enemies and was thrown into Nirmala river, that flows through this region. He somehow has reached this temple, inspite of his agony and has chanted lord name intermittently. Pleased with his devotion, the lord gave him a Jyothy Dharshan and thus his limbs grew back again. Hence, based on the Tamil word “Mulaithadu” which means grew back, this sacred place got its name Mulaithoor, which with time changed to “Mallur”.

This skethram is also addressed with different names to signify various occurrences in different puranas:
Since Lord Rama stayed here during his exile (this place is situated in the south of Vindhya Mountain), it is called as “Dakshina Ayodhya

Since educated people of all four vedas lived here it is called “Chatur Veda Mangala Pura
Anyone who has a thirst to learn veda was blessed with knowledge of all the ancient scriptures here and hence is also called as “Gyaana Mantapa Kshetram

This place was established as the capital of the vast empire, once great king Rajendra Simha Chozhan ruled and hence is called as “Rajendra Simha Nagari

It is said that, great sages like Kapila and Sage Kanva (who lived in Tretha Yuga) are still here in some form or other, worshipping lord Aprameya. Even today, after the artha jaama pooja, once the temple is locked, sound of garbha graha door opening and pooja happening and toll of temple bells can be heard from outside, clearly indicating the higher energy source, offering prayers to the lord.

The Main Attraction

It is the idol of Baby Krishna in Crawling posture with the right arm raised in open posture carrying butter, It is called as Ambegal (Kannada) or Tavazhara (Tamil) or crawling Krishna. The Navaneetha Krishna statue is one of its kinds, made of black stone and is said to have been installed by Veda Vyasar. The statue is carved with the ornaments also…. It can be seen with chains, kangan/bracelets in hands, anklets and amulets. The prominent one is a tiger claw like pendant. The priest told us that, it is to keep away the bad ‘dhristi’ of all those who watch him, owing to his immense beauty. The statue of the lord is on a Garuda Peedam.

The complex in which Navaneetha Krishnan adobe resides is called the ‘Purandaradasa Mandapam’ that is facing the Rajagopuram of the temple. The famous kannada classical song ‘Jagadodhaaranaa adisidalu Yashodhaa’ was written by Sri Purandaradasa, in this temple after seeing the beauty of the baby Krishna. (Enjoy the song and its meaning in the end of the article)

The Wodeyar Episode

We were also told of a incident that happened around 130 years ago, when the then Wodeyar king visited this temple.

The king, taken aback by the beauty of Navaneetha Krishna, ordered that such beauty should adorne his palace and took it along with him and installed it in his Mysore Palace. From the very same night, he started getting dreams in which, the lord Krishna ordered him to be returned to the temple and warned him of consequences otherwise.

It is said that, the king did not heed the warnings and there was a massive fire accident in the palace which destroyed part of the then wooden palace. He was then forced to return the idol to the temple with all due respects.

Below are the Janmastami Pictures (credit for these 3 photos to the orignial owners)

The Presiding Deity

Lord Aprameya Swamy (Maha Vishnu) is the main presiding deity of the temple and the idol is made of Salagrama stone found in river Gandaki. The lord has Abhaya Hasta posture ( The upper two arms holding the Counch (Sankam) and the disc (Sudharshana Chakram) and one of the lower arm show his hasta and other holding the Mace (Gadha) )

The utsavar is placed in Shukanasika Mantapam, made of sandalwood. The lord is also called ‘Ramaprameya’, as legend has it that, when Lord Rama was here, he prayed this idol. The remnants of the structures where Lord Rama is said to have conducted yagnyas and homas are still available.

The presiding goddess is Aravindavalli.

The temple is in Channapatna Taluk. 60 Kms from Bangalore, 3 Kms from Channapatna, 80 Kms from Mysore.

JAGADHODHARANA (Song with Lyrics & Meaning)

P: jagadOddhArana ADisidaLeshOde 
Yashoda plays with the Savior of the World

A: jagadOddhArana maganendu tiLiyuta
Deeming him to be nothing more than a mere boy and her son

SuguNa anthaRangana AadisidaLeyshodha
Yashodha plays with that embodiment, who is complete with all the virtues

C1: nigamakE silukada agaNita mahimana
He whose greatness cannot be caught even by vedas and who is beyond count / infinity (a-ganitha is countless)

magugaLa mANikyana ADisidaLeshOde
and he who is a gem among all the children — Yashoda plays with him

2: aNOraNIyana mahatO mahiyana
Much smaller than atoms, bigger than the biggest

apramEyana ADisidaLeshOde
He who is beyond limit or im-measurable, Yashoda plays with Him

3: parama puruSana paravAsudEvana
With the Greatest among beings, Para Vaasaudeva,

purandara viTTalana ADisidaLeshOde
With Purandhara Vitthala, Yashoda plays with him
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