>Mast Kalandhar Review – Bangalore


A very authentic North Indian restaurant – there are only a very few in Bangalore and this one is one of the best, because it is vegetarian also.

Be it just a quite bite or a casual lunch/ dinner or even a take away, MK is there for you. They have their outlets in all major places.

They also do a home delivery for which you can order online….. Wow…..and the best part is they accept all major coupons also, viz. Sodexho, Accer etc.

Their restaurants are fresh and has very good ambience.

It is said that they use very minimal oil for cooking, without compromising the taste…

For their Menu click MK Menu

To do a online order click MK Online Order and select the branch that is closeby and order. This page has the respctive branches phone numbers also, just incase you want to know what is the dish of the day types……

Have a foodie week end…….

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