>Mouli’s Annapoorani – Thanjavur Taste in Bangalore – Restaurant Review


Good News to all foodies out there in Bangalore!!!!! Particularly veggies!!!! and more particularly for thanjavur fanatics (like us)….. we have atlast found a best place to literally fall back on…..

Annapoorani Restaurant in Cambridge Layout…. I have included a small map, to guide you to the place, at the end of the article……

A decently spacious hall, with tables spread across, very soft classical music, nice waiting space, over all very good ambience, pleasant and courteous waiters, a nice cashier mama (definitely resembling one of your maternal uncle…. 🙂 ) and finally a 100% authentic Thanjavur meals – as good as a Kalyana Saapadu that you can have in a Tamil Brahmin wedding…..
…. these are few words to describe Annapoorani after my first visit. I am sure you will agree to it tooo… after your visit there….

We get all kind of South Indian tiffin items here…. I presume the fabulous meals is for lunch alone…… My first visit here was last week, the day I heard about it from a friend. I met Mr. Karthik Mouli there, a pleasant gentleman, who told me a bit about the hotel. I was surprised that they are in business, in the very same place for many years now…. Karthik made a mention of a 85 years old regular celebrated his 85th birthday here recently and he still comes there at this age to eat (the point is no digestion issues even for him). He asked me to come with my family for a week end lunch… which we obliged yesterday…..
But before that, my first try there last week was ven pongal, poori and medu vadai….. Ven pongal (the best one among the pongals I had recently) was as good as the one my paati and amma made back home and was served with (believe me) vatha kozhambu ….. wow… what a combo….. the poori was with aalu curry which was again splendid….. and the vadai was crispy and yummy…..
Now, coming to yesterdays lunch….. the menu was as follows….. Carrot Payasam, Pineapple Pachidi, Yam Podi Curry, Avaraikai Kootu, Paruppu Togayal, Karuvepilai Kozhambu, Mango Rice, Simla Mirchi Bajji, Rice, Paruppu, Ghee, Alu Capsicum Sambar, Tomato Rasam, Curd, Pappad, Pickle…….. Now thats as good as a best kalyana saapadu……
The best part of it is all this is unlimited (try and finish he default servings fully first and see). Now comes the ultimate part, the price for all the above is just Rs.135 – thats a very very very fair pricing for the items being served and the authentic taste they had……such good food anywhere else in Bangalore would have burnt a hole in just not your pocket…. but your skin too…..
Timings: Morning 11.30 am to 3.30 pm and Evening 7 pm to 10.30 pm. They are closed on Mondays.
They also provide takeaways, but donot deliver.
I am awaiting the soft copy of the menu card from Mr. Karthik and shall upload the same, once I receive it.
Please visit them and have a nice time….. Do come back and leave your comments here.
Click to enlarge & see the lunch menu for the weekend

अन्नदाता सुखी भाव !!!
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