>Around Bangalore – Part 4 – Ambegalu Krishna Temple


This time I am going to write about ‘Ambegalu Sri Krishna’ temple. It is situated in Mallur or Doddamallur. There is a very interesting story behind the name of this place itself. I will brief about that, before talking about this temple.

Legend has it that, once there was a king called Saarangadaara, who had his limbs cut in a war by his enemies and was thrown into Nirmala river, that flows through this region. He somehow has reached this temple, inspite of his agony and has chanted lord name intermittently. Pleased with his devotion, the lord gave him a Jyothy Dharshan and thus his limbs grew back again. Hence, based on the Tamil word “Mulaithadu” which means grew back, this sacred place got its name Mulaithoor, which with time changed to “Mallur”.

This skethram is also addressed with different names to signify various occurrences in different puranas:
Since Lord Rama stayed here during his exile (this place is situated in the south of Vindhya Mountain), it is called as “Dakshina Ayodhya

Since educated people of all four vedas lived here it is called “Chatur Veda Mangala Pura
Anyone who has a thirst to learn veda was blessed with knowledge of all the ancient scriptures here and hence is also called as “Gyaana Mantapa Kshetram

This place was established as the capital of the vast empire, once great king Rajendra Simha Chozhan ruled and hence is called as “Rajendra Simha Nagari

It is said that, great sages like Kapila and Sage Kanva (who lived in Tretha Yuga) are still here in some form or other, worshipping lord Aprameya. Even today, after the artha jaama pooja, once the temple is locked, sound of garbha graha door opening and pooja happening and toll of temple bells can be heard from outside, clearly indicating the higher energy source, offering prayers to the lord.

The Main Attraction

It is the idol of Baby Krishna in Crawling posture with the right arm raised in open posture carrying butter, It is called as Ambegal (Kannada) or Tavazhara (Tamil) or crawling Krishna. The Navaneetha Krishna statue is one of its kinds, made of black stone and is said to have been installed by Veda Vyasar. The statue is carved with the ornaments also…. It can be seen with chains, kangan/bracelets in hands, anklets and amulets. The prominent one is a tiger claw like pendant. The priest told us that, it is to keep away the bad ‘dhristi’ of all those who watch him, owing to his immense beauty. The statue of the lord is on a Garuda Peedam.

The complex in which Navaneetha Krishnan adobe resides is called the ‘Purandaradasa Mandapam’ that is facing the Rajagopuram of the temple. The famous kannada classical song ‘Jagadodhaaranaa adisidalu Yashodhaa’ was written by Sri Purandaradasa, in this temple after seeing the beauty of the baby Krishna. (Enjoy the song and its meaning in the end of the article)

The Wodeyar Episode

We were also told of a incident that happened around 130 years ago, when the then Wodeyar king visited this temple.

The king, taken aback by the beauty of Navaneetha Krishna, ordered that such beauty should adorne his palace and took it along with him and installed it in his Mysore Palace. From the very same night, he started getting dreams in which, the lord Krishna ordered him to be returned to the temple and warned him of consequences otherwise.

It is said that, the king did not heed the warnings and there was a massive fire accident in the palace which destroyed part of the then wooden palace. He was then forced to return the idol to the temple with all due respects.

Below are the Janmastami Pictures (credit for these 3 photos to the orignial owners)

The Presiding Deity

Lord Aprameya Swamy (Maha Vishnu) is the main presiding deity of the temple and the idol is made of Salagrama stone found in river Gandaki. The lord has Abhaya Hasta posture ( The upper two arms holding the Counch (Sankam) and the disc (Sudharshana Chakram) and one of the lower arm show his hasta and other holding the Mace (Gadha) )

The utsavar is placed in Shukanasika Mantapam, made of sandalwood. The lord is also called ‘Ramaprameya’, as legend has it that, when Lord Rama was here, he prayed this idol. The remnants of the structures where Lord Rama is said to have conducted yagnyas and homas are still available.

The presiding goddess is Aravindavalli.

The temple is in Channapatna Taluk. 60 Kms from Bangalore, 3 Kms from Channapatna, 80 Kms from Mysore.

JAGADHODHARANA (Song with Lyrics & Meaning)

P: jagadOddhArana ADisidaLeshOde 
Yashoda plays with the Savior of the World

A: jagadOddhArana maganendu tiLiyuta
Deeming him to be nothing more than a mere boy and her son

SuguNa anthaRangana AadisidaLeyshodha
Yashodha plays with that embodiment, who is complete with all the virtues

C1: nigamakE silukada agaNita mahimana
He whose greatness cannot be caught even by vedas and who is beyond count / infinity (a-ganitha is countless)

magugaLa mANikyana ADisidaLeshOde
and he who is a gem among all the children — Yashoda plays with him

2: aNOraNIyana mahatO mahiyana
Much smaller than atoms, bigger than the biggest

apramEyana ADisidaLeshOde
He who is beyond limit or im-measurable, Yashoda plays with Him

3: parama puruSana paravAsudEvana
With the Greatest among beings, Para Vaasaudeva,

purandara viTTalana ADisidaLeshOde
With Purandhara Vitthala, Yashoda plays with him
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>Sanjha Chulha – Review – Vegetarian Restaurant – Marathahalli, Bangalore


Sanjha Chulha
My relation with the brand goes back to my Brigade Solutions days (the 1st company I worked with)….. the Chennai franchisee of the brand in Egmore, used to supply everything to our cafeteria those days……
The one I am reviewing now is in Marathahalli, Bangalore. I shall come to the location details later on…..
First things first first: The ambiance was excellent. My wife and I went on a peaceful evening to try this place out (as she is extremely strict about 100% ghas-phoos rest’nt only). I had a slight ambiguity about taking her, when I noticed in one of the reviews that there is a bar there, but, there were a lot of families their and it was not like a bar attached hotel at all….. So, be free to take your family in group or just with your better half….it is a pleasant place to dine in….
The bearer were very polite and friendly – the next most important thing you expect when you go out to eat. They primarily serve (the best) Punjabi dishes and Chinese. We went there in a plan to eat Chinese… as soon as I saw the buffet menu, I changed my mind 🙂 – the foodie that I am couldn’t control the temptation….
I was told it is the franchise of the brand and is owned by Mr. Nithin Methani and that all their paneer dishes use authentic Malai Paneer from Delhi….. I would accept that claim…I had the best ever paneer dishes in Bangalore here (obviously, it only comes next to the ones my wife make at home 😀 – my daily food depends on that statement…)
Now coming to the dishes: As I had indicated I had the buffet that night and the menu was as follows:
Tomato Dhanya Shorbha – for the soup – was good and tastes extactly as it should….
Starters were:
Hara Bara Kabab: Excellent they were…..
Malai Paneer Tikka: Brilliantly made…..I had both of them for a second time and restrained myself after my wife reminded me that they were still starters…..
Chilly Baby Corn: It was perfectly made…
Main Course:
Veg Noodles
Lahori Masala Paneer: We perfectly well with both the laccha paratta and the pulav
Dal Tadka: Same goes here …. it was made exactly as it should have been and Burrrrp … it disappeared….
Tawa Vegetable: It was another awesome dish…. as it had all vegetables I love….
Mix Vegetable Raitha
Veg Pulao: Nicely made…..no issues
Assorted Bread : I had Laccha Paratta only as it tasted very nice and I didn’t want to fill too much (as if I had not already 🙂 )
Veg Hot Garlic Fried Rice: Sacrificed this for dessert 😉
Gulab Jamun (yummy it was) – When we went and sat, I noticed one of the server, was behind the counter next to us and was taking out jamuns from a dabba with bare hands… and putting them in cups…..but thank god that tin got over and the person who served us opened a new tin and took the jamun in a spoon to my relief…. If you are bothered about such things, just inform them politely to use spoon….
Vanilla Ice Cream: Now what can I say about that, along with Jamun…. it was heavenly…
Freshly Cut Fruit
All of the above for Rs. 250
My wife had chinese and was also so satisfied with the taste… that she has already recommended SC to all my neighbors and her friends.
I have only one negative feedback to give: The price of the mineral water they serve is very high Rs. 40/ 1 litre (unchilled) bottle. I am not sure of the business logic behind it…. I hope Nithin will understand that most people who come there are still in the middle class and upper middle class and we buy a 20 litre water can for that amount and it really stings us right across our pocket. Please do something about that.

Having said that and hoping that Nithin will do something about it……That is definitely no reason for us to not to go there again…… We will hit SC again but restrain oursleves to normal warmed water instead of the richie rich bottles….
Please visit SC and leave a comment below on how my review is and how Sanjha Chulha was !!!!
One more addition: They have take away also….. please find below the scan of their take away menu…. click on them to enlarge them…..

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>Restaurants Reviews – In and around old airport road (primarily)

>Hi all:

Wish you all a very prosperous and blasting year ahead……

I am planning to write a series about vege restaurants (not the combo ones – 100% gass-poos walas only) around my area (Vinayak Nagar, near Murugeshpalya). I will also cover rest of Bangalore as and when I get some info.

If you like them or otherwise (be it my review or the restaurant I am reviewing on…, please leave a comment below. I will correct whatever is in my reach …. So, please make sure you comment.

I am starting my review with best of all the restaurants I have been to recently –
Sanjha Chulha – Its Vegetarian by Choice!!!

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>Kempfort Shiva Temple


A landmark location in Old Airport Road, Bangalore is Kempfort Shiva Temple. During one of my recent visits, I took a few close ups of the magnificent and majestic 65 foot open air idol of Lord Shiva. Sharing the same here.
All of the Shiva photos were shot by me with Panasonic Lumix TZ3 camera in broad day light.

The mega idol is portrayed in sitting posture or padmasan, with all others spares in proportional sizes. There is also ganga on the ‘jada mudi’ of the lord (which was off when I captured these photos). I was told that, during various occasions the ‘ganga’ is set of and it looks even more magnificent to see water flowing from that height…. 

The full view of the lord. Click on the image (any image) to see their original size…
Few more views of the lord 

Look at the magnitude of the view from right beneath him.

Close up view of Ganga Devi on the topknot of Shiva (in Off mode)

A close up of the Jada Mudi, Trinetra, Chandra and Ganga….. 
Look at the curls of his hair….awesome is not the word

A close up of the his extra right hand – holding the trishul

The snake in his neck.
 The left hand holding the ‘Udukkai’

A beautiful close up of the padmasan posture….
Note the shape of the thighs, the calf muscle and legs….they are so realistic… even the nails and the back of fingers in both his legs and hands….

The massive rudraksh garland… Each ball of rudraksh is made of many hundreds of normal sized rudraksh to get that size…..
On the right side of the Shiva idol, is a massive Ganesha

The huge moonjur with a big modak at the foot of Ganesh

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>Mysore Trip – Set 3 – Lalit Mahal Palace


The Lalit Mahal Palace, is very close Chamundi Hills (which we could not visit during this trip). We were told my its manager, that it was built in 1921 by Krishna Raja Wadiyar (1884 – 1940), the then Maharaja of Mysore, excusively for the stay of then Viceroy of India.

Below are few of the photo taken by me in the palace.

A view of the chandelier 

This carpet was stitched by our freedom fighters in the jail and was used in one of the halls. After independence, as a respect to all those freedom fighters, this carpet has been hung on the wall outside the main bedroom, which is now like the presidential suite.

A beautiful night lamp…in that suite….

Dressing table in that room

A teak wood cupboard in that room

Bath tub with shower setup used by the Viceroy

Myself and Rakesh in the teak + silk sofa in the main suite…
The Master Bed

The paneled lift with sofa….. wow!!!! what a feel it was to go in it……This lift was imported from Otis England and is still maintained by the Hotel in working condition.

The identity plate inside the lift..

This is the main stairway made of Italian Marble

Ashok John & I with Raghuraman Sir (2nd from left; next to me)

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>Mysore Trip Set 2 – Mysore Palace – Includes Rare Photos


Our Visit to the Palace
Mr. Raghuraman, who is part of SDM Institute’s administration and a person who lived in Mysore for a long time, was nice enough to accompany us in touring around Mysore and had too many information about Mysore to share.

The palace, standing majestically, on that cloudy evening, posing for my Panasonic Lumix TZ3

Though I am a amateur photographer, I am a little fanatic about it and I am crazy about trying to get the best out of my sexy camera…..I was trying out the zoom of my camera and checking its reach – its a 10x optical zoom @ 12 MP, but can be stretched upto 60x @ 5 MP including digital. Trust me it is quite stable even at that zoom, if you are a little used to it….

I shall be increasing the zoom gradually in the next couple of snaps…

The gaurds of the palace….. you should see the carving of their body and the fury in their eyes…… You will thank god that they aren’t real…..
Now comes the restricted section I was talking about. Thanks to SDM institute for getting permission to see this room….

There were two part for the room that we went….. Both were completely restricted and provided access on special approval only for high profile visitors……and they clearly said no snaps …..

They made us enter the first room, which was very dark. The guide (a history professor actually) came in and locked the door from inside first….Now the room was pitch dark… only with a very very strong smell of Teak wood & its varnish.

Then he switched on and we were awe struck to see a beautiful armory. It had all kinds of weapons including those of Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali.

They had the original boxing gloves (metal ones with sharp teeths). There was also a pair of weapon which can be contracted and expanded after piercing into someone’s body. So, if it is pierced into the enemies stomach, expanded inside the stomach, twisted a little and pulled out…. it will come out with the complete intestinal system……you should see it to believe it……

The entire sealing was made of teak and one person is specially appointed for cleaning and varnishing it at regular intervals. It was shining as it it was only constructed yesterday……

The next room is where all the animals that were hunted by the Honorable Wodeyars were kept. Thankfully, the professor was kind enough to let us take a few snaps here…..

The first one is the head of a elephant, that the king hunted.

This was the pet dog of the wodeyar….. click on it to see it size……

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>Mysore Trip – Set 1 – SDM Institute


We went for a official meet on behalf of Custommerce – a tink tank forum organised by SDM Institute and Servion (my company), to identify & discuss major challenges we face in Customer Interaction related industries and arrive at possible strategies to handle such challenges.

Last year we had a special event for Middle and Senior Managers alone at SDM Institute of Management, Mysore.

We had a real nice time during and after the event…. A fews snaps and details are below.

We were privileged & enthralled to touch and feel a 1965 model Benz 200 in the premises of SDM.

A Quick History about Merc 200:

Following the huge success of the the 190 series (over 350,000 cars in 1961), Merc did a face-lift to it and announced a more powerful 200 series in 1965. It has a Fintail rear wings and angular styling.

This one has a column mounted gear, dual circuit brakes with front discs. It was petrol engined and had a twin-carb. It produced around 95bhp.

It was famously called as the “Fintail” 200.

Our team for a few snaps….

A beautiful Nataraja in their Cafeteria

The next set details aour visit to the Mysore palace and thanks to SDM management and Mr. Raghuraman, who was kind enough to take us to a few previleged sections of the palace (restricted to common public)
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>Around Bangalore – Part 3 – Thonnur Kere


Thonnur or Thondanur is a very picturesque village near Melkote in Mandhya District. It became extremely famous and played an important role in Karnataka’s history after Ramanujar moved here, when he fled Srirangam to escape the torments of Kulothunga Cholan in the 12th Century AD.

There is a beautiful lake here that is constructed by embanking the gorge between the adjacent hillocks. Ramanujar is said to have conceived the design of the lake and created the lake. He is said to have called it ‘Thirimala Sagara’ (ocean of the sacred hill)

Tipu Sultan named it as ‘Moti Talab’, as he was able to see the pebbles at the base of the lake clearly from the top.


This lake is very significant for vaishnavities as Ramanuja had taken bath here and they prefer doing the same before visiting the temples around.
Caution: The lake is not very safe. Make sure someone familiar with the lake is around or pay the watchman there a little and take some tips for safety, unleass you are an expert swimmer yourself.

Otherwise it is a calm place to spend for your lunch time with family… No commotions, no crowd, no unnecessary commercial outlets.

General warning: ( If you are from around this place and feel I am wrong, please feel free to correct me and I will update the same accordingly)
There is a very nice way of taking money from you. you will find a few small boys (coming one after the other) they will just hang around you…. give you one or two info about the place and smile at you when ever you see them….. finally will tell you that they need to buy books / notebooks for school and ask you for money.

Now….. that is very very sensitive for anybody, who is even marginally kind and when elders are with you….you will have no option at all…… (I could help but give him some money)…. It could be a complete scam….. just wanted to warn you all.

Below are a few pictures I had taken there…

Sunset View @ T.Kere (This one alone was not taken by me. Thanks to the original owner.)

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>Around Bangalore – Part 2 – Melkote Yoga Narashimar Temple


Yoga Narashima Temple:

The hill starts a little away from thirunarayana temple and has around 400 steep steps (completely filled with beggers on either sides). So, in case you are taking elders, please ensure that you hold them when climbing up the stairs, as most of the time the grill on the sides will be unusable because of some occupant.

A View of Narashimhar Temple from the Kalyani Pond ( This photo was taken from internet )

The temple is very old is one of the 4 important narashimha sketrams. A the name suggests, narashimhar here is in a yoga mudra posture. Legend has it, that, after the killing of his father, Hiranyakasibu, Prahladha came here and did penance in a cave in this hill for many years and the lord, graced his prayers by self manifesting himself on a salgramam rock right above where Prahlada was penancing.

The cave is called Bilaswarga and was open for public till Jan 08, when temple jewellery worth some 1.5 crores were looted. Now it is completely blocked for public access. It is said the tiger skin on which Prahladha sat and did penance is also still kept safe.

The Temple has been built in Hoysala style in later years.

The sides of the temple has magnificient panaromic view of the surrounding places. The gopuram has a lot of beautiful sculptures.

Main Gopuram

Gopuram above the inner entrance

The Gopuram above the main deity

There are beautiful images on the mail dopuram doors and ceilings also.

Om Namo Narayana Namah

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>A Different Bird I shot


(Click on the picture to see it in bigger size)

This bird was there in the sunshade of the building just behind my backyard and waited till I got my camera and shot it…. Waited there for me to take atleast a couple of shots….. before disappearing into the sky…….

My dad said it could be Rajali Eagle. Comment in if you know what bird it is!!!
For the original photo, in actual size, please click here
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